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We get asked a lot of questions, and we get it. This whole anime music thing in clubs? Yeah, doesn't exactly come with a guidebook. Here are some questions we get asked all the time. See if your question is here before you reach out!

  • "What's an Anime Night?"

    Good question! Anime Night is the median between concert and convention. Think all the fun stuff you love at conventions like cosplay, vendors, etc... but at a rock show.

    PS. We are not a rave.

  • "Can I be a vendor at Anime Night?"

    We love partnering with local communities to bring unique elements and storefronts to our party. If you'd like to set up shop at our event, please fill out the submission form so we can learn more!

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  • "I have a question regarding my tickets!"

    For questions regarding ticket purchases, contact the venue/promoter you purchased tickets through. Each venue has a different ticketing provider, and answers may vary based on that provider.

  • "What is your merch return policy?"

    All online sales are final. No refunds or returns. If your product has been delivered damaged, or has been lost, please reach out and let us know and we'd be happy to discuss replacement options.

  • "How do I enter the cosplay contest?"

    Not every event we do has a cosplay contest, but the ones we do can be found in a list at the link below! Limited entry for each city so be sure to sign up early!

    Sign Up Here! 
  • "Is Anime Night kid friendly?"

    Generally speaking, no. Due to the nature of many of the referenced anime having adult themes, in addition to venue policy, all events are at least 18+. while some are over 21+ only.

  • "Does Anime Night play content in subbed or dubbed?"

    Although many of our music tracks contain japanese lyrics, as for any featured anime clips we use during the event, we always play dubbed in English. In addition, all live songs are translated in English.

  • "Can I perform at Anime Night?"

    Guest performers are our greatest honor and one of the most fun features we love to have. Whether you're a DJ, vocalist, or a musician, we'd love to hear more! Please fill out the contact form below and introduce yourself!

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