"What's an Anime Night?"

Listen, we get it. This whole anime music in clubs thing? Doesn't exactly come with a guidebook. Anime Night is what we like to define as the median between concert and convention. Think all the fun stuff you love at conventions like cosplaying, vendors, etc... but at a rock show. Our event consists of three main parts, keep scrolling to learn more.

Event Itinerary

Pre-show (Doors)

Open Floor

Every show starts with doors opening an hour before we kick off the party. At this time, the show floor is open and all vendors are ready to sell. This is the opportune time to try some of our drink specials, do some shopping, and check in for our cosplay contest. We set the mood with our curated anime lo-fi house playlist, to help ease you into a night of music.


The Anime Party

We call this section of the event The Anime Party, not just because it’s a good time, but also because it’s heavily inspired by dance parties. This part of the night features our uniquely crafted DJ Set, with surprise guest features, and special acoustic performances to start off the event. It may vary from night to night, based on each event’s theme, but one thing to be sure of, you’re going to hear all your favorite anime hits.


Cosplay Exhibition

At each Anime Night, we hold a pre-registration for local cosplayers to sign up for our cosplay contest, and as they choose their characters, we work with them to pick music and video to give them a brief presentation that becomes part of the show. Think like, professional wrestling style walk-out music, but with an anime cosplayer heading to the stage. Each event features a guest of cosplay guest panelists who help pick our top three contestants, and those three receive a mix of prizes unique to each event.

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The Anime Band

Every show we close out with a ninety minute set of live music from our anime tribute band, The Anime Band. This means all the production of the The Anime Party set, but with a full, seven-piece, live band. With three rotating lead vocalists, we cover a wide array of material from all eras, styles and sounds, that we've carefully crafted from all the unique attributes and characters that make up the musicians in The Anime Band. We respect this music a lot, it's important to us that if we're gonna do it, that we do it right.