Artist Dealers

Anime Night is a concert first, but that doesn’t make it a convention second. We may not operate with a full vendor hall, but part of what we pride ourselves on is handpicking local artist dealers for each show, similarly to how we feature guest musicians. We strive to find the anime fan in the art, and we prioritize artist’s inspiration that falls so closely in live with our vision. Check out some incredibly talented artists we’re featuring at our upcoming shows below!

  • Enderbones

    Anime & Alternative Inspired Earrings

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  • Erza's Cups & Crafts

    Custom Anime Cups & Accessories

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  • La Piccolina Draculina Shoppe

    Anime Illustrator & Dakimakura Artist

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  • Some Nerd's Closet

    Anime Pyrography & Woodwork

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  • Wicked Little Blooms

    Bath, Body, & Pop Culture

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Become a Vendor

Since we operate in concert spaces that are much smaller in size than a convention hall, we have limited space for vendors per event. The amount of vendors we can accomodate and what kinds varies widely by venue. That being said, we love partnering with local communities to bring unique artists and dealers to our party, and we're constantly looking for new vendors to set up shop at our event. If you're interested in being considered, please fill out the submission form below so we can learn more!

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